Culture & Values

KCT Group is one of India’s leading business conglomerates with interests in sectors ranging from coal and real estate to aquaculture & manufacturing.

Culture & Values

Employees at KCT take pride in the Group’s culture. It is our personality; it shapes us and is what sets us apart from other organizations. With a dynamic and fast-paced work environment, KCT provides challenging & demanding work environment which is equally rewarding and stimulating.

  • Result oriented & performance driven organization:WHAT GETS MEASURED GETS DONE. WHAT GETS REWARDED, GETS REPEATED.
    The value of one’s efforts lie in the results and outcomes and one needs to keep track of one’s performance continually , to realize whether our efforts are yielding desired results. KCT‘s organization philosophy aims to imbibe, drive and practice a performance driven & result oriented culture.
    KCT aligns employee goals with business and company objectives, while providing an environment of continuous learning, real time feedback and rewards & compensation.
  • Opportunity for great career progression:KCT aims to provide all its employees a feeling & sense of ownership over the areas in which they work. We give them the autonomy to work independently and take decisions. Continuous guidance from our experienced employees, our newer recruits are able to demonstrate their capabilities and skills in a supportive environment.
  • Emphasis on individual experience and skills:The Group recognizes employee skills, capabilities and potential. The Management actively drives examples and educates its employees to recognize skills and potential of the individual to perform their role, task or assignment. Thereby providing more responsibility and autonomy to its employees.
  • Inclusive work environment:We spend more hours with our colleagues than we do with our family members. KCT recognizes the time and effort each employee invests in their work and identifies each employee as a member of the KCT Group family. Sense of camaraderie, warmth and belongingness is a tradition that has been a part of the Group’s culture since its inception.

Our Values define us and are displayed in our day to day operations. Respect, Integrity, Collaboration, Excellence, Accountability, Responsibility Innovation direct the Group’s, business and individuals growth in our organization.

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