KCT Group of Companies

KCT Group is one of India’s leading business conglomerates with interests in sectors ranging from coal and real estate to aquaculture & manufacturing.

Our Values

  • Integrity
    We consistently adhere to ethical and fair practices with the highest degree of transparency and honesty in whatever we do.
    • Always does the right thing
    • Everyone at KCT has an equal opportunity to speak up, and we make decisions that have a just and equitable result
    • Communicates what is on their mind, even if it is uncomfortable, for the greater good of the group
  • Collaboration
    We constantly leverage collective intelligence by working together across teams, departments, functions, businesses, and even with our external partners towards a shared common goal.
    • Shares required information willingly and quickly in support of own, other teams’ and KCT’s success
    • Prioritizes group goals above personal goals, and works as a team towards the organization’s common purpose
    • Leverages other’s expertise when needed, doesn’t reinvent the wheel
  • Ownership
    We take personal accountability to meet business goals , improve our systems and help others. We act like owners; treating the company as our own, always keeping the company’s long term success in mind.
    • Takes initiative towards the achievement of business results and organizational health even when not asked to do so
    • Once responsibility is taken for a result whether as leader or participant, will see it through to completion and ensure the highest standards of performance
    • Reliably delivers above and beyond what is expected, consistently and repeatedly
  • Excellence
    We passionately work towards developing our people, and set the highest standards of quality both in what we do and the way we do it.
    • Expects and delivers the highest standards of performance from self, and inspires the team to achieve ever higher standards as well
    • Is not happy with maintaining status quo, wants to and does deliver a higher quality result each time
    • Takes up newer and bigger challenges and does utmost to deliver results
  • Respect
    We acknowledge and respect differences in each other, and provide a safe and supportive environment in which all individuals are equally valued.
    • Treats others as one would like to be treated
    • Values different cultures and beliefs, and shows this in day-to-day words and actions
    • Seeks out, listens to, and respects the ideas and opinions of others
    • Displays respect for and awareness of individual differences
  • Responsibility
    We commit to developing and maintaining sustainable business practices in order to have a positive impact on the business, natural and social environment in which we operate.
    • Follows company guidelines/processes with respect to corporate social responsibility diligently
    • Brings new ideas and actively participates in initiatives related to sustainable business practices
  • Innovation
    We aspire to be thought leaders in our chosen sectors, constantly striving towards forward thinking solutions for our products, processes and offerings.
    • Maintains and strengthens understanding of the market relevant to role by continually learning about future trends, competitors and research related to that area.
    • Uses market understanding and know-how to help build products and streamline processes that lead to KCT becoming a market and thought leader in that area.
    • Represents KCT in industry groups and forums helping disseminate our thought leadership, as well as bring back learning from that exposure into KCT.