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Founded in 1929, as a coal mining company, today the KCT Group is one of India’s leading business conglomerates with interests in aquaculture, logistics and real estate.

We pride ourselves on this process of diversification…

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Committed to Community Progress

We constantly seek innovative solutions which will create empathy and equity for the communities we work in. For over 75 years, KCT Group CSR has been committed to community progress by enabling access to opportunity, education and healthcare and promoting environmental sustainability.

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Life @KCT

The KCT Group offers a fast-growing and dynamic working environment. There is no
doubt that, at times, the work will be challenging and demanding, but equally there is no doubt that it will always be rewarding and, above all, stimulating.

Working for any of the KCT Group companies enables great on-the-job training, and
provides opportunity for horizontal as well as vertical progression.


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