The KCT Group started The Waterbase Ltd. in 1993. It is a fully integrated and ISO-certified aquaculture unit in Andhra Pradesh.

There are three main facets to the business:

Feed processing: TWL owns a world class shrimp feed mill that produces top quality shrimp feed, including a range of organic feed.

Shrimp farming: TWL pioneered scientific methods of shrimp farming in India and was the first company in the country to introduce the disease-resistant Vannamei species of shrimp. As part of its CSR agenda, TWL has provided training and support to the Indian shrimp farming community. The company has a dedicated R&D cell committed to ensuring that TWL’s farming methods remain innovative.

Retail: TWL exports packaged IQF (individually quick frozen), block frozen and cooked shrimps for retail in the Japanese, European and American markets.